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PAXMLExportBatchCmd scheduler command

This scheduler command exports all Product Exploration, Product Comparison, and Guided Sell metaphors of all the categories in a store. The metaphors are exported in XML format and can be used by the PACreateMetaphorBatchCmd scheduler command to recreate the metaphors.

Parameter values

Required: The reference number of the store associated with the metaphors you want to export.
Required: The name of the output XML file with the fully qualified path. The XML file is created in the machine where you have installed WebSphere Commerce For example, WCDE_installdir/samples/pa/xml/PE_PC_GS_60001.xml


  • Exports the Product Exploration metaphor, Product Comparison metaphor and Guided Sell metaphor to the specified file.

Exception conditions

  • If the input parameters are wrong, then the command throws the ECApplicationException
  • If the file name provided for the xmlFileName parameter is not valid, then the command fails.
  • SolarisLinuxAIX If a non root user runs the WebSphere Commerce instance but does not have the relevant write permissions for the folder where the output XML file is created, then the command fails.
  • For IBM i OS operating systemIf the instance user profile does not have the permissions to create the output XML file in the specified folder, the command will fail.