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JSP pages in Product Advisor

Product Advisor uses JavaServer Pages (JSP) for building dynamic Web content for shopping metaphors. You can use WebSphere Commerce development environment to design your pages. For the portions of the page requiring dynamic data, Java beans are added to the page, using the <jsp:useBean> tag.

Product Advisor uses two types of data beans:

  1. WebSphere Commerce beans - These are used by other components of WebSphere Commerce in addition to Product Advisor. WebSphere Commerce beans are rendered by a scriptlet.
  2. Product Advisor Dynamic Data beans - These are used by Product Advisor only. Dynamic beans are rendered by a widget bean:
    • Widget beans render data sources; they have no knowledge of how the data source was created. This promotes reuse of the widget beans and separates the process of creating dynamic content from rendering dynamic content.
    • A data source can be composed of several data sources in the same way that a list is composed of several items, or a table could be composed of several lists. This allows a list widget to render a list, or a single row or column from a table data source.
    • A widget bean is used for complex dynamic HTML generation, while scriptlets are usually used for rendering a simple text element.

Once you have created your JSP templates, you can include them in your template list for easy access when you are building metaphors.