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Setting a path for a search space XML

The steps in this section refer to setting a path for the search space XML file.

About this task

To set the path for the search space XML file that is generated when a search space is created:


  1. Open the file from WC_eardir\properties\com\ibm\commerce\tools\productadvisor\properties in an editor.
  2. Change the value of ssXMLFilePath to the path where you want to save the generated XML, for example ssXMLFilePath =E:/WebSphere/wcs/samples/pa/xml


  • Ensure that the XML file path that you are specifying already exists and is the fully qualified path. If the specified XML path does not exist or the parameter is left blank, then the generated XML is saved in WC_installdir\xml\tools\pa.
  • SolarisLinuxAIXWindows If a non root user runs the WebSphere Commerce instance but does not have the relevant write permissions for the folder where the output XML file is created, then the command fails.
  • For IBM i OS operating system If the instance user profile does not have the permissions to create the file in the specified folder, the command will fail.