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Creating a Product Advisor search space for the separate search space using sample utility

The steps in this section are required to create a Product Advisor search space using the sample utility.

About this task

For IBM i OS operating system This information does not apply, refer to creating a Product Advisor search space using an XML file.

This utility includes SQL statements that refer to data such as product and category IDs. Before running the utility, you will have to update some statements to reflect your own product data.


  1. Decide on a category for which you want to enable a Product Advisor search.
  2. Change to the WCDE_installdir\samples\pa\bin directory. Edit the following file:
    • Windowscreatesearchspace.bat There are comments in the file to show you sections of the process where changes are required.
  3. Run the createsearchspace utility by entering the following:

    DB2 createsearchspace.bat dbname store_number category_number lang1 lang2 lang3 attr1 attr2 attr3

    Substitute the correct file name as appropriate.


    is the name of the WebSphere Commerce database
    is the store reference number of the store for which the search space is being created
    is the category reference number (also referred as the catgroup) of the category for which the search space is being created
    lang1, lang2, lang3
    are language IDs of the languages for which the search space is being created. The utility can create a search space for three languages simultaneously. If you require fewer languages, use the same ID for each parameter
    attr1, attr2, attr3
    are common product attributes for the category. The utility accepts up to 3 attributes that are of type String. Integer and float attributes are also supported. Examples are contained in comment blocks in the utility.

    OracleWrite the SQLs required to create Product Advisor search space using the sample utility.


Note: This utility is only a sample that illustrates how to create a search space. If you have a large number of products or categories, or concerns about performance, you should create a custom version of this utility.