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Creating a metaphor XML input file

Create an XML input file to specify which store's metaphors you want to build, update, or delete with the create metaphor scheduler command.

About this task

Before creating an XML input file, you must determine the following for the catalog data you want to work with:

  • The store ID
  • The category ID
  • The features that correspond to the database column names (if you are building metaphors)

For more information about the XML specifications, see the pabatch.dtd file located in the following directory:

  • For IBM i OS operating systemSolarisLinuxAIXWC_installdir /xml/tools/pa
  • Windows WC_installdir \xml\tools\pa

Also, see the online help file documenting the Product Advisor XML input file DTD.

To create an input file:


  1. Open a text editor. In the following directory, or a directory of your choice create a new XML file, or use the sample metaphor input XML file as a template:
    • For IBM i OS operating systemSolarisLinuxAIX WC_installdir/xml/tools/pa
    • WindowsWC_installdir\xml\tools\pa
  2. Type the following to specify processing information and the store ID for this execution of PACreateMetaphorBatchCmd scheduler command:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
          <store SID="6001"> </store>
    where SID is the desired store ID. All other tags for this input file should be placed between the store begin and end tags.
  3. To build either a Product Explorer or a Product Comparison metaphor, you must use the following tags to specify the category to which the metaphor applies. <category ID="1"> </category>
  4. Refer to the online help file that details the preparation of the metaphor that you want to create:
    • Preparing a Product metaphor
    • Preparing a Guided Sell metaphor

      You can create more than one metaphor in the XML file. Category elements can contain both Product Comparison and Product Explorer metaphors, as long as they relate to that category. To create Product metaphors for different categories requires multiple category elements. Category elements cannot contain Guided Sell metaphors.

      Note that metaphors are defined for a particular category, and therefore will use the same set of attributes for all languages. If values do not exist for a specific language, or the attribute itself doesn't have a translated name, then the value will not be shown. This means that there is no default language for an attribute.

  5. Save the file.