Troubleshooting: Cannot upload files to Management Center when using Firefox browser

When you attempt to upload image files, CSV files, or other files to Management Center using the Firefox browser, an error message displays in Management Center and the upload fails.

You might encounter this problem when doing any of the following tasks in Management Center:
  • Creating a new file in the Assets tool.
  • Uploading catalog CSV files in the Catalogs tool.
  • Importing promotion code CSV files in the Promotions tool.
  • Uploading price list and catalog filter CSV files in the Catalog Filter and Pricing tool.
When you attempt one of the previous tasks, you see the following error in the Management Center message console:
An error has occurred while attempting to communicate with the server.
Contact your system administrator if the problem persists.


To resolve this problem, do one of the following things:
  • Use Internet Explorer when creating, uploading, and importing files.
  • Ask a site administrator to investigate and potentially make some changes. You can use Firefox if WebSphere Commerce uses IBM HTTP Web server. Ensure that the SSL certificate is signed by a third party and is valid. You cannot use a self-signed certificate.