Introduced in Feature Pack 2

Working on version objects within a workspace

Content versioning is available to business users who manage content requiring approval under a workspace. Business users can manage versions (create, list, compare, view, restore, delete) while working under a task within a workspace.

When you create a version of an object while working on a task within a workspace, the version created contains changes made to the object within the workspace, and is stored in the version repository. This new version of the object within the workspace becomes the latest version of the object.

You can view a version from within a task in the workspace, or in approved content. When viewing a version from within a task in a workspace, the content of the version is displayed within the context of that workspace, and any references to other objects in the version are also displayed in the workspace.

While working on a task in a workspace, you can restore any version of the object in the version repository in the workspace. Also, you can copy parts of a version into the current object in the workspace. To be able to copy parts of a version or restore a version of an object within a workspace, the object cannot be locked by another task according to the workspace locking policy in place. Any modification to an object (for example, restoring an object version) will remain in the context of the workspace until the task group the object is modified in is approved.