Options for advertising promotions on store pages

There are a number of ways that you can advertise promotions on your store pages. These options range from displaying an advertisement with no click action to displaying a clickable advertisement that adds a SKU to a customer's shopping cart and automatically applies the promotion. The option you choose depends on the redemption method for the promotion and whether you want the advertisement to do something if a customer clicks it.

To advertise a promotion, you need:

  • Content, which is typically marketing images for display in an e-Marketing Spot on a store page.
  • A method for displaying the content to customers in the e-Marketing Spot while the promotion is running. You can use a web activity to display the content, or assign the content as default content for the e-Marketing Spot.

Here is an example of content that advertises a promotion:

Example of a promotion advertisement

Feature Pack 3Feature Pack 5Feature Pack 2WebSphere Commerce Version Pack 4Feature Pack 1The content can have no click action, a predefined click action, or a custom click action.

Feature Pack 6 or laterYou can have content that contains no click action, a single click action, or multiple click actions in the form of an image map. Click actions can be a predefined click action, predefined click action for a promotion, or a custom URL as the click action

The following table lists the available click action options for a promotion:

Result when customer clicks the content Applicable redemption methods for the promotion Type of content required Web activity action required
No click action. Any redemption method Content with no click action. Recommend Content
Display a description of the promotion details. The description comes from the Customer viewable long description field in the promotion properties. Any redemption method Content with the following predefined click action selected: Display promotion description Recommend Promotion
Display the shopping cart page and add the coupon to the customer's coupon wallet. Coupon promotion Content with the following predefined click action selected: Add coupon to customer's coupon wallet Recommend Promotion
Display the shopping cart page, add the specified SKU to the customer's shopping cart, and apply the promotion to the customer's order. Requires promotion code Content with the following predefined click action selected: Add to shopping cart and apply promotion Recommend Promotion
Display another page–requires a custom URL for the click action. Any redemption method; depends on the behavior of the custom URL. Content with Custom URL as click action selected. You must supply the custom URL.

You can base the custom URL on one of the URLs for the predefined click actions described in the three previous rows of this table.

Recommend Content or Recommend Promotion