Prerequisite checking has failed because 'There is insufficient free disk space on the system'

When you attempt to install a maintenance package by using UPDI, you might encounter the failure about insufficient disk space.


When a maintenance package is applied to the instance, the WebSphere Commerce EAR is expanded into the temporary directory. If you limited the size of your temporary directory, then you might encounter this error.


  1. Open the WAS_installdir/profiles/instance_name/properties/ file.
  2. Change the tempdir to a directory that has enough available disk space. For example,
    # The tempdir property determines what directory to use for temporary
    # files when installing applications.
    # The default is that the JVM decides -- this is
  3. Open the UPDI_installdir/UpdateInstaller/ file.
  4. Add new options to the JVM_ARGS variable. For example,
    JVM_ARGS=""/othertmp" -Dtemp.dir="/othertmp""