Troubleshooting: Instance creation fails during database configuration

A WebSphere Commerce instance creation fails while configuring a remote database. This error condition might occur after the installation of WebSphere Commerce Fix pack 1.


After installing WebSphere Commerce Fix pack 1, you attempt to create an instance, but the instance creation fails during remote database configuration. A message similar to the following is logged in the createInstanceANT.err.log file:
execTask returned: 8


Add the non-root_user to the db2_instance_group on your remote database machine. Try to create the instance again, after the user has been added.
Feature Pack 7 or laterNote: You can also encounter errors when you are running a process or utility if the input parameters that are used to establish a database connection are incorrect. To validate that a database connection can be established with the configured input parameters, use the database connection validation utility. For more information about running this utility, see Running the database connection validation utility.