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Troubleshooting: Massload error when using DB2

When using DB2 v9.5 Fix Pack 4 or Fix Pack 5, or DB2 v9.7 Fix Pack 1, if you perform an operation that uses the massload utility, such as creating an instance, installing a fix pack, or issuing a setdbtype command, the operation might fail.


An operation that uses the massload utility, such as the setdbtype command, fails with a crash in the Java process, due to a problem executing a DB2 API. You might see an error coming from the DB2 API in the error log for the related operation. The error will look something like this:
[Massload] -dbname malldev -dbuser db2inst1 -dbpwd ****** -infile C:\IBM\WCDE_I~1\xml\policies\xml\fixpack1\StoreEnhancementsReceiptAccessControlPoliciesBootStrap.xml -method sqlimport -commitcount 1000 -maxerror 1 -customizer  -schemaname DB2INST1

Unhandled exception
Type=Segmentation error vmState=0x00000000
J9Generic_Signal_Number=00000004 ExceptionCode=c0000005 ExceptionAddress=41E0147E ContextFlags=0001003f
Handler1=7FEE9F50 Handler2=7FEBAF90 InaccessibleAddress=0000012C
EDI=4099AADC ESI=4099AB0C EAX=00000000 EBX=40D9E700
ECX=00000000 EDX=00000000
EIP=41E0147E ESP=4584FB20 EBP=4584FDE4 EFLAGS=00010246
GS=0000 FS=003B ES=0023 DS=0023
Module_base_address=41E00000 Offset_in_DLL=0000147e
Target=2_40_20090612_037149_lHdSMr (Windows XP 5.1 build 2600 Service Pack 3)
CPU=x86 (1 logical CPUs) (0x7d77c000 RAM)  

----------- Stack Backtrace -----------
Java_com_ibm_db2_jcc_uw_UWAdministrator_nativeGetCataloguedDatabases:0x41E0147E [0x41E011C6 +0x000002B8]
javaProtectedThreadProc:0x7FF1BFAD [0x7FF1BF30 +0x0000007D]
javaThreadProc:0x7FF1C7D5 [0x7FF1C7A0 +0x00000035]
GetModuleFileNameA:0x7C80B729 [0x7C80B56F +0x000001BA]


For more information, see Java coredump when using Massload with DB2 Version 9.5 Fix Pack 4 or 5, or DB2 Version 9.7 Fix Pack 1.