Troubleshooting: Error message when creating an instance after installing WebSphere Commerce feature pack

You create a new WebSphere Commerce instance successfully but encounter an error message.


The following error message appears in the createInstanceANT.log file when creating a new instance after installing the WebSphere Commerce feature pack:

[2006.09.24 15:35:28]    ChangeInstancePermission:
[2006.09.24 15:35:28]      [copy]  Copying 23 files to
[2006.09.24 15:35:29]      [chmod] /bin/chmod: changing permissions
of `/opt/IBM/WebSphere/CommerceServer70/logs/FEP1/install/wcnonroot.log': Operation not permitted
[2006.09.24 15:35:29]      [chmod] Result: 1


This error message can be safely ignored.