Targeting capability supports behavioral targeting

The Marketing tool supports seven new targets, giving you many more options to design targeted marketing activities. The new targets include behavioral targets that detect or record what your customers do while shopping on your site. Now, based on a customer's specific behavior, you can target the customer with relevant and timely advertisements, recommendations, e-mails, and text messages using Web and Dialog activities.

WebSphere Commerce ProfessionalWebSphere Commerce EnterpriseDialog activities are available only in the Professional and Enterprise editions of WebSphere Commerce.

The new behavior-based targets are:

Catalog Browsing Behavior
Targets customers who have browsed certain parts of your store catalog, for example, customers who have browsed the Barbecue category at least three times in the last week.
Online Behavior
Targets customers whose recorded activities on your store meet certain criteria, for example, customers who have searched the site using the keyword "television" within the last week.
Current Page
Targets customers who are currently viewing a specific store page, for example, the category display page for Furniture.
External Site Referral
Targets customers who have entered the current session on your site from a link on an external site, for example, customers who clicked a link to your site following a search for "mattress" on any Google site.
Cookie Contents
Targets customers whose computers have a cookie from your site that contains certain data, for example, a ZIP code that indicates that the customer lives in a certain geographical area.
Social Commerce Participation
Targets customers who have contributed to social commerce features on your site, for example, product reviews and blogs, a specified number of times.

In addition, the new Day and Time target allows you to specify the days of the week or times of day that an activity is active.

To make the expanded list of targets easier to manage, the existing three purchase history targets and three shopping cart targets in the previous Management Center release have been consolidated into a single Purchase History target and a single Shopping Cart target.