Feature Pack 1

Highlights of Version 7 Feature Pack 1

New features available with WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature Pack 1 include: Enhancements to reduce the total cost of implementation. Other new features include: remote widgets; globalized starter stores; digital wallets; promotion codes; the ability to automatically generate SKUs; and the ability to update product data from CSV files.

Reducing the total cost of implementation

Reduce your implementation costs with the following benefits of WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature pack 1:
  • WebSphere eXtreme Scale integration extends the WebSphere Commerce cache to a high performance, network-attached elastic cache with no custom development.
  • A revised order processing subsystem simplifies and reduces customization effort, improves programming interfaces, and provides easy extension points for most common extension scenarios.
  • The data load tools now allow for efficient loading of catalog, pricing, and inventory information into WebSphere Commerce workspaces.
  • The Madisons and Elite starter stores lower the total cost of implementation.
  • An HTML asset supplies a robust set of HTML and CSS wireframes that implement complete shopping flows in the Madisons and Elite starter stores. Use this asset to accelerate the design phase of your project.
  • The test assets package offers a fully functional set of test scripts for the Madisons and Elite starter stores.
  • A modifiable use case document describes the use cases that are provided by default in the Madisons and Elite starter stores. Use this asset to reduce the time that is required to document use cases for your store.

Automated testing framework

The test assets package offers fully functional sets of test scripts for the Madisons and Elite starter stores. The design of the scripts encourages reusability and as such they can be easily customized to test either the Brazil or MayUJoy starter stores. The scripts are run using the Storefront Test Automation Engine; a configurable Java project that is also provided in the package. The Storefront Test Automation Engine is equipped with a set of build scripts to enable the additional option of running test scripts as a batch. This alternative to manually running each test script improves efficiency as it allows development work to continue as test scripts are run in the background. A report, summarizing the results, is generated after each batch is complete. Use the test assets to automate your test cases and eliminate the need to manually run test cases. New informationLearn more....

Static HTML assets

The static HTML assets package includes two sets of static, navigable HTML pages: the Madisons starter store and the Elite starter store. The package also includes tools to help you generate static HTML pages for your own store. A web developer can work on the HTML and CSS files, without the need of a development environment that is running on a WebSphere Commerce server. Generating static HTML pages of your storefront is useful for viewing and testing changes before they are applied to your production environment. For example, you can capture a set of static HTML pages for your store in a different language, currency, or both.

You can use the static HTML to:

  • Preview basic functions in the Madisons and Elite starter stores during the implementation phase of your WebSphere Commerce project. The static HTML files contain all the store pages and their different supported flows. For example, there are different pages to demonstrate an empty shopping cart, and a shopping cart page that contains more than 20 items with pagination. The files are also mobile and can be opened in the browsers that are supported by the store.
  • Identify changes to the appearance of function of the store.
  • Modify HTML and CSS files without using a development environment. The changes can be incorporated into the corresponding JSP files by a JSP developer at a more convenient time.
  • Determine the JSP files that dynamically render the different areas on specific pages in a storefront. The highlight feature, one of the tools that are provided with the assets, is used to identify the JSP files that make up the page you are on. It marks off each area of the page that a JSP file represents and shows the file name in the upper left corner.
New informationLearn more....

Remote widgets

Remote widgets take customer interaction to the next level by shaping how your customers access, interact, and experience your brand. Remote widgets allow you to automatically and centrally manage your brand experience and marketing promotions across various websites, synchronize web promotions on your retail site with third-party site promotions, and enable shoppers to share their wish list with their network on social sites. New informationLearn more....

Globalized starter stores

WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature Pack 1 now offers two online stores to meet the demands for the Brazil and Chinese markets:
  • Globalized starter store for China: Features include a content rich home page, browse history, product ranking, digital coupons, and support for local payment service providers such as Ali Pay. New informationLearn more....
  • Globalized starter store for Brazil: Customized to the Brazilian market, this starter store provides a globalized shopping experience. Features include installment payments, deferred payments, payment-based promotions, and support for local payment methods, which include Boleto Bancário. New informationLearn more....

Management Center

Management Center tools contain the following enhancements:
Catalogs tool
  • Update product data by uploading comma-separated values (CSV) files
  • Generate SKUs based on attribute values
Promotions tool
  • Promotions managers can now create simple and advanced generated unique promotion codes. Unique promotion codes enable you to prevent customers from sharing promotion codes, and helps ensure that only targeted shoppers are given discounts. These unique codes can be system generated or you can import your own. New informationLearn more....

Digital wallets

You can customize store coupons and add and remove items such as promotion codes and digital receipts. New informationLearn more....

Additional product enhancements

Additional customer-centric improvements include:
  • Product ranking to show products that are ranked by criteria, which includes best sellers and most viewed.
  • Browse history to show the products and pages that were viewed earlier.
  • Installment Payments support and payment-type driven promotions.