Feature Pack 8: The Brazil store is deprecated. Most features demonstrated in the Brazil store are available in the Aurora store.

Brazil starter store

The provides all the pages and features necessary for a functioning consumer direct online store for the Brazilian market. It is designed and contains features to meet the market demands of Brazil, ensuring increased sales to Brazilian customers.

The contains Brazil-specific address fields in the registration and checkout flows and enables customers to register with the store as either a business or a consumer. It includes support for third-party payment providers for Internet banking (punch-out payments), Software Express payments, and Boleto payments. In addition, the supports installment payments. The payment type window in the enables customers to view the available credit card and installment payment options for a selected item and displays the featured installment option for each type of credit card in boldface.

The contains a full set of consumer direct features, including user registration, catalog browsing, promotions, and targeted marketing. The store contains rich interactions, including the product quick info window and a streamlined checkout flow. The store is fully accessible, enabling customers to browse the storefront and place an order by using only a keyboard as their primary input device. Technological features include search engine optimization, support for multiple web browsers and platforms, and options to accommodate different flows depending on varying customer needs.

The demonstrates best practices in store development with WebSphere Commerce, and can act as a base for implementing Brazilian storefronts. It uses Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies such as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) and Dojo widgets to provide customers with an interactive and rich shopping experience. It addresses many common web customization issues, by using CSS and DIV tags for page layout, design, and styling, rather than overusing table elements throughout the page. The store can be used as a stand-alone store by using the consumer direct business model or as an asset store in the Extended Sites business model.

The delivers feature-rich and interactive web applications that are compatible across platforms and browsers by taking advantage of Ajax and Dojo widget technologies. Ajax technologies enable web applications to retrieve data from the server asynchronously, while the browsing session remains intact. That is, refresh areas are present in pages for areas where content can be changed on the page, such as a shopping cart. Dojo widgets enable the store users to dynamically interact with the pages, such as adding the ability to quickly view product information, rather than navigating to the specific individual product pages.

WebSphere Commerce services are used in the for all marketing, member, and order component interactions. Product attributes are retrieved using catalog services. However, the store uses data beans and commands when required, as all runtime functionality is not available by using services alone.

Feature comparison

Feature comparison tables between the and the Madisons starter store.


Feature Madisons starter store
Administrative tooling Management Center Management Center
Master and sales catalogs
Categories, products, SKUs, bundles, and prebuilt kits
Note: When products in a category or subcategory have multiple SKUs, the does not determine the featured promotions or installment options for these products based on a combination of the SKUs. Instead, the promotion and installment option for the first product in the subcategory is used.
Support for multiple images per product
Pop-up windows containing additional product details for store items Product Quick Info Product Quick Info
Merchandising associations, defining and descriptive attributes, list and offer prices
Simple and advanced search
Product fast finder, where customers can filter products quickly based on attributes such as brand or price range Housewares catalog data
Tiered pricing policy (offer price)
Attachment assets
Note: The store does not show attachment assets for a category.
Note: The store does not show attachment assets for a category.


Feature Madisons starter store
Administrative tooling Management Center Management Center
e-Marketing Spots containing scrollable items, products, categories and merchandising associations.
e-Marketing Spots containing Brazil-specific featured promotions.


Feature Madisons starter store
Administrative tooling Management Center Management Center
Promotion code entry
Product-level promotions
Order-level promotions
Shipping-level promotions
Payment-type promotions
Support for personal coupon management by using a coupon wallet


Feature Madisons starter store
Administrative tooling Management Center
Product-level installment rules
Order-level installment payment option calculation
Note: Installment payment options are not supported in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator or Sales Center.


Feature Madisons starter store
Support for guest and registered customers
Support for persistent sessions (Remember Me)
My Account flows
Brazil-specific profile data (CPF, CNPJ, and CEP fields)
Note: The CEP field can be customized to add more extensive validation.

Brazil-specific user data is not supported in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator or Sales Center.


Feature Madisons starter store
Quick order
Scheduled orders
Inventory availability
Shopping cart and mini shopping cart
Shopping cart pagination, providing paging controls for large shopping carts
Wish lists
Shipping charges and taxes


Feature Madisons starter store
Checkout flow implementation Step-by-step checkout using multiple pages Step-by-step checkout using multiple pages
  • Payments subsystem
  • Internet Banking (Punch-out payment)
  • Software Express payment
  • Boleto payment
  • Payments subsystem
  • Punch-out payment
Support for guest and registered checkout
Support for multiple shipping addresses
Quick checkout
Ship as complete or partial shipments
Shipping instructions
Billing address
Multiple payments per order
Buy online, pickup in-store

Store locator

Feature Madisons starter store
Multiple entry points, with customizable integration points on the store locator page

Order status

Feature Madisons starter store
Order status and tracking


Feature Madisons starter store
Default Dojo toolkit version 1.3.1

Feature Pack 31.5


Feature Pack 31.5

Support for web 2.0 technologies, using Ajax and Dojo widgets
Support for web 1.0 technologies
Support for Social Commerce capabilities, enabling a store to integrate user-generated content into the storefront.
Drag-and-drop support for the mini shopping cart and compare zone
Support for changing product attributes directly on the shopping cart, such as color or fabric changes
Configurable options to customize the storefront and shopping experience
Progress indicators on store pages, which are displayed while operations are in progress. For example, displayed when an Ajax request is triggered and removed when the request completes
Default double-click handling implemented using JavaScript on store pages that benefit from blocking multiple requests, such as adding items to the shopping cart or completing an order at the end of the checkout process
Support for
Support for SMS order status notifications and marketing messages
Search engine optimization
Globalization support for stores to display bi-directional languages. The store uses a locale-specific common1_1iw_iL.css Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file where the directionality attribute can be specified
Fully translated into multiple languages to support globalization
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • United States English
13 languages
Support for accessibility standards, enabling those with disabilities to interact with web content by using assistive technologies