Introduced in Feature Pack 1

Task flow: Remote widget setup and implementation

To develop and test remote widgets on the Deprecated featureMadisons storefront for e-Marketing Spots, and wish lists there are a number of tasks to perform. Refer to these checklist to understand the tasks and the order in which to perform them.

Feature Pack 5 or laterRemote widgets are not demonstrated in the Aurora starter store.

Before you begin

  • Install a WebSphere Commerce feature pack(Installer/Administrator) Install WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature Pack 1 or later, which installs the remote widgets feature.
  • Enable starter store enhancements(Installer/Administrator) Run the enablement scripts for feature pack starter store enhancements.
  • Deprecated featurePublish the Madisons starter store(Installer/Administrator) Publish a Deprecated featureMadisons starter store for Fix Pack 1 or later. Remote widgets features will not work properly with earlier versions of the Madisons starter store.
  • Deprecated featurePublish the MadisonsEnhancements.sar file(Installer/Administrator) Publish the MadisonsEnhancements.sar file on top of the Madisons starter store to add the remote widgets features to the store.