Feature Pack 4

Highlights of Version 7 Feature Pack 4

New features available with WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature Pack 4 include: Starter stores that are optimized for mobile devices, Facebook integration, programming model enhancements, and total cost of implementation (TCOI) enhancements.

Starter stores for mobile devices

Smartphone and tablet starter stores provide storefronts for several mobile devices and platforms. The stores can be deployed on mobile devices and accessed with the mobile web or as native or hybrid applications. New informationLearn more...

Facebook integration

You can integrate the starter store with Facebook by using social plug-ins. The primary features of the integration are:
  • Shoppers can share their finds with their Facebook friends by clicking the Like button on the home page and by clicking the Like and Send buttons on product pages.
  • An enhanced trigger and target allows business users to interact with Facebook users as soon as a customer participates in social commerce activities. Business users can then use precision marketing for shoppers who 'Liked' the home page or a product.
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Programming model

Feature Pack 4 provides the following enhancements to the programming model:
  • Representational State Transfer (REST) services to provide a framework that can be used to develop RESTful applications on several platforms. These platforms can include web, mobile, kiosks, third-party and social applications. New informationLearn more...
  • Enhancements for browsing the catalog and categories with the category service. New informationLearn more...
  • WebSphere Commerce Search supports cache invalidation. New informationLearn more...

Total cost of implementation (TCOI)

New and updated assets help developers, and testers design, customize, and test a store. Additions and updates include:
  • Static HTML assets package includes navigable HTML pages for the Madisons, Elite, Brazil, and MayUJoy starter stores.
  • Static HTML assets package for mobile includes two sets of static, navigable HTML pages for both the Madisons mobile and tablet starter stores.
  • Tools to generate static HTML pages for your own store.

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