Improving your documentation experience

The WebSphere Commerce documentation has made a number of key improvements to enhance the user experience.

Introduced in Feature Pack 2

Deliver business value

The WebSphere Commerce documentation is focused on delivering business value in our content. For features introduced in Feature pack 2, the What's New content and key concept information provide answers to the following business value statements:
  • Why do I want to use this new feature? Including the general and specific benefits to user roles, such as marketing manager, business user, administrator, and developer.
  • How will the feature benefit my business and what are some business examples.
  • How does the feature integrate with other products or features?
  • How do I implement this new feature?
  • How does the feature support WebSphere Commerce strategy?
  • How do I customize the feature?
  • How can I demo the feature in an hour?
  • What is the new technology used to implement the feature?

Ensure technical accuracy and completeness

You need to trust that the information you find on this site is current and technically accurate. If for some reason, we become aware that information that requires investigation, we will flag the topic with the following statement:

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To ensure that you always have access to the latest documentation, the help system content is served from a remote site. We update the content on a weekly basis, or more frequently as needed. Optionally, you can download the information center topics to use locally. For information about downloading a local version of the information center seeUsing a local version of the WebSphere Commerce Information Center.