Feature Pack 3

Highlights of Version 7 Feature Pack 3

New features available with WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Feature Pack 3 include: Integration with IBM Sterling Configurator; integration with IBM Sterling Distributed Order Management; and enhanced integration with IBM Digital Analytics, formerly known as Coremetrics Analytics. Additionally; Feature Pack 3 provides enhancements to WebSphere Commerce search; Search engine optimization; Management Center workspace administration; marketing activities, data load, attribute dictionary, site security; total cost of implementation; and programming model enhancements.

IBM Sterling Configurator

IBM Sterling Configurator allows businesses to guide various types of users through the process of finding, configuring, and selecting complex products. New informationLearn more....

IBM Sterling Distributed Order Management

By integrating with WebSphere Commerce, IBM Sterling Distributed Order Management processes and fulfills orders across channels. Integration is enhanced to provide order sourcing and brokering of products and product bundles and by offering visibility into available inventory. IBM Sterling Distributed Order Management delivers flexible order process modeling in Sterling Order Management that is based on user-defined business requirements. It orchestrates orders across internal and external partner order management systems, including partner, supplier, and vendor systems. New informationLearn more....

IBM Digital Analytics

Feature Pack 3 provides deeper integration with IBM Digital Analytics including the following enhancements:
  • Management Center integration with IBM Digital Analytics
  • Support for the latest IBM Digital Analytics tag library and APIs
  • Enhanced tools and support for IBM Product Recommendations, formerly known as Coremetrics Intelligent Offer
  • Improved export function for IBM Digital Analytics based customer segments

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WebSphere Commerce search

WebSphere Commerce search supports runtime statistics. Business users can optimize their site search with site search statistical reports. New search indexes allow shoppers to search for categories and site content. WebSphere Commerce search also supports integration with IBM Digital Analytics. Business users can analyze searches to optimize the search experience for customers and improve conversion rates.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is enhanced to enable business users to optimize search results by using the Management Center. Other enhancements in support of SEO include shortening website addresses and surfacing meaningful keywords to help improve page ranking. Business users can use Management Center to optimize keywords in website addresses, and to update the content of other SEO locations in store pages, such as page titles. Improvements to the site map generator support the SEO friendly website address format so that external search engines can find and index store pages.

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Management Center workspace administration

You can administer workspaces with Management Center, which previously required the Workspace Administration tool. The task group approval process now supports Management Center object history for updates that are made in the workspace. This improvement leads to improved function and usability for business users.

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New triggers support customer interactions

Marketers can use new and updated triggers to communicate with customers and enable them to respond to how customers use promotional coupons. Using triggers, marketers can track when a coupon is redeemed by a customer, monitor coupon redemption rates, and offer these customers similar coupons in the future. Marketers can track and leverage customer interactions in social commerce activities when they are building marketing activities. For example, positive reviews could help build a marketing campaign around a product.
  • Trigger: Customer Participates in Social Commerce (enhanced) New informationLearn more....
  • Target: Social Commerce Participation (enhanced) New informationLearn more....
  • Trigger: Customer Checks Out With PromotionNew informationLearn more....

Data Load utility

You can load member data with the Data Load utility. You can load csv files that contain lists of users, organizations, and member groups.

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Attribute dictionary

Product Managers can create attributes in the attribute dictionary. Assign these attributes to catalog entries for use as defining attributes or descriptive attributes.

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Site security

Site administrators can use rotating merchant keys in a WebSphere Commerce instance. This process enhances site security without incurring any site downtime. New informationLearn more....

Total cost of implementation (TCOI)

New and updated assets help developers, and testers design, customize, and test a store. Additions and updates include:
  • Static HTML pages and use cases that describe all Madisons starter store and starter store enhancement functions
  • Static HTML pages and use cases for the Elite (including Elite enhancements) and MayUJoy starter stores
  • Test case updates for search and Social Commerce
  • Test script updates for search.

Programming model

The CatalogNavigationView noun can retrieve data from the product display page. New informationLearn more....