Introduced in Feature Pack 3

Samples: Catalog storefront services

The Catalog programming model provides a consistent service-oriented architecture (SOA) based programming model for WebSphere Commerce storefronts. It uses the WebSphere Commerce search framework and the CatalogNavigationView search noun to move storefront catalog services from Java beans and service-oriented integration (SOI) to SOA.

Note: As the catalog programming model uses the WebSphere Commerce search framework, search-based navigation must be enabled in starter stores to use the SOA services.
The following catalog entry-related data beans are moved to SOA services:
  • CatalogEntryDataBean
  • ProductDataBean
  • PackageDataBean
  • DynamicKitDataBean
  • BundleDataBean
  • ItemDataBean
Moving catalog entry-related data beans to SOA services results in a consistent programming model across the Catalog component, and simplifies storefront development, since a single noun can be used for accessing all catalog data.
Note: The CatalogEntry, CatalogGroup and Catalog nouns are used for administrative purposes, while the CatalogNavigationView noun is used in the storefront.