Feature Pack 6 or later

Multiple click actions support available for marketing image content

As a Marketing Manager, you can create marketing image content for the storefront that can contain multiple click actions.

When you create marketing image content that contains multiple click actions, the content must be in the form of an image map with each click action associated with a defined area of the image. Customers that view this image content in your store can click each distinct area to trigger a different click action. If your store displays images that contain multiple distinct products or promotions, you can set these images as image maps.

You can set a click action area for each distinct product or promotion so that a customer can click each section of the image to open a different product or store page. With image maps, you can include these click actions in a single image instead of having to use multiple images to provide the same click actions to customers in an e-Marketing Spot.

For more information about creating marketing content that can contain multiple click actions as an image map, see Creating marketing content to display on store pages.