Prestage BigFix Installer for Windows

Learn how to prestage and deploy the latest version of the BigFix agent for Windows on the MDM Server.

If the BigFix installer package is prestaged on the MDM server, after the endpoints are enrolled to MDM, you can also deploy BES agent on the enrolled devices.

Before prestaging, you must create a custom MSI package. This is because, for installing the BES server installation on Windows, the installer copies a BigFix agent in to the BigFix Enterprise\BES Installers\ClientMSI folder, but without a masthead (configuration profile for the BigFix agent). After the installation, you can find the base MSI on the BigFix server. You must customize this MSI package by including the site masthead, and if required, set the Authenticating Relay information with the client settings to deploy the BigFix agent through WebUI.

A. Prepare custom MSI package

To prepare custom MSI package, complete the following steps:
  1. Locate the .msi file that is installed with the server component.
  2. Copy the masthead.afxm file and the .msi file into a new folder on a Windows machine to add the masthead to the .msi file.
  3. Run the BESClientSetupMSI.exe command and follow the instructions from the installer to add the masthead.
  4. Optionally add authenticating relay command details if you have an authenticating relay BESClientSetupMSI.exe /secureregistration <RELAY_PASSWORD> /relayserver1 http://<RELAY_HOST>:52311/bfmirror/downloads/ <TARGET_MSI> to the .msi file.

    Result: Customized .msi file ready to be prestaged becomes available on the Windows machine at the folder you have selected.

B. Prestage BigFix installer for Windows 10

To pre-stage Bigfix installer for Windows 10, complete the following steps:
  1. From the WebUI main page, click Apps > MDM.

  2. On the MDM main page, click Configure MDM.

  3. Click Prestage Windows BigFix Installer. The following page appears:

  4. Click Choose File and select the prepared custom .msi file on the Windows machine.

  5. Click Deploy.
Results: This action deploys the latest BigFix installer for Windows on all the available MDM servers. You can find the pre-staged BigFixAgent.msi file at /var/opt/BESUEM/packages on the MDM Server.