Prestage BigFix installer for macOS

Learn how to prestage and deploy the latest version of the BigFix Agent for macOS on the MDM Server.

About this task

If the BigFix installer package is prestaged on the MDM server, after the endpoints are enrolled to MDM, you can also deploy BES agent on the enrolled devices.

BigFix provides an installation package for every released version of the BigFix agent for macOS. Every time when an updated version of the package becomes available, prestage this package against the MDM Server through WebUI. When prestaged, WebUI deploys the latest timestamped BigFix agent on the MDM Server at /var/opt/BESUEM/packages. After this, when you enroll macOS devices to this MDM server, the latest version of the BigFix agent becomes available for deployment for the enrolled devices.

To prestage BigFix installer for macOS devices:


  1. From the WebUI main page, click Apps > MDM.
  2. On the MDM main page, click Configure MDM.
  3. Click Prestage macOS BigFix Installer. The following page appears:

  4. Click Deploy.


This action deploys the latest BigFix installer for macOS on all the available MDM servers.