You can set a validity time for a job stream, which is a time frame within which the job stream is included in the preproduction plan. The validity time is set using the validfrom key in the job stream definition.


validfrom date


validfrom date
Defines from which date the job stream is active, that is it must be included in a production plan if the production plan duration includes that date. It also defines the first date the instances in the preproduction plan are included in the current plan.


Different versions of the same job stream can be defined by creating different job streams with the same name and workstation, but having different validity intervals. The concept of versions of the same job stream sharing the same jobstreamname and the same workstationname are key when managing dependency on that job stream. In fact when you define an external follows dependencies on a job stream you identify the predecessor job stream using its jobstreamname and workstationname. The job stream identified as the dependency is the one whose validity interval is during the period the dependency is active.

If you change the jobstreamname or the workstationname in one version of the job stream, the change is propagated in all its versions.

If you lock a version of the job stream, all versions of that job stream are locked.

If you change the name of a job defined in a job stream version then the new job name is propagated in all versions of the job stream. This means that, if you modify something, other than the jobstreamname or the workstationname, the internal and external job stream associations remain consistent.

When defining a job stream version, you are only asked to enter the validfrom date, and the validto date is automatically set to the value of the validfrom date of the following version. The validto date is shown when issuing list and display command when MAESTROCOLUMNS is set to 120. Different versions of the same job stream continue to share the name and workstation fields after their creation. If you modify the name of a version or change the workstation on which it was defined, the change is applied to all versions of that job stream.
Note: If the keywords used in the job stream definition are validfrom and validto, the corresponding filtering keywords used when issuing commands against object definitions stored in the database are validfrom and validto. For more information refer to Managing objects in the database - composer.

The date specified as validto value is not included in the run cycle, therefore the job stream is not active on this date.