Folder definition

A smart workflow folder is a container of jobs, job streams, and other folders. Use smart workflow folders to organize your jobs and job streams according to your lines of business or other custom categories. A folder can contain one or more jobs or job streams, while each job stream can be associated to one folder. If no folder is defined for a job stream, the root folder (/) is used by default.

You can move jobs and job streams to specified folders using the composer rename command. This is especially useful if your jobs and job streams use a naming convention. You can rename and move these objects into a specified folder path in batch mode where, parts of the job and job stream names are mapped to the folder names.

When a job stream defined in a folder is scheduled and submitted to be run, the information about the folder is maintained in the plan. Jobs in the plan, however, make reference to the folder of the job stream and not the folder in which the job definition was originally defined. If a job stream is not specified when submitting, then the default JOBS job stream is considered. The folder of the JOBS job stream is the root folder (/).

Each folder definition has the following format and arguments:


folder foldername
folder foldername/foldername


folder foldername

A folder is a container of jobs, job streams, or sub-folders and has a tree-like structure similar to a file system. The folder name is an alphanumeric string that cannot start with a "-" (hyphen), but it can contain the following characters: "/" (forward slash), "-" (hyphen), and "_" (underscore). It cannot contain spaces. If an object is not defined in a folder, then the default folder "/" is used. If you specify an absolute path, include a "/" forward slash before the folder name. A forward slash is not necessary for relative paths. The maximum length for the full folder path (that is, the path name including the parent folder and all nested sub-folders) is 800 characters, while each folder name supports a maximum of 256 characters. Wildcard characters are supported. A single scheduling object belongs to one folder only, but each folder can contain numerous objects.

There are a number of convenient commands dedicated to managing folders:
Table 1. Folder commands
Command Description
Composer Conman
chfolder chfolder Changes the working directory or the current folder.
listfolder listfolder Lists all folders in the root or in a folder.
mkfolder - Creates a new folder in the database.
rmfolder - Deletes a folder defined in the database.
renamefolder - Renames a folder definition in the database.


The following example defines a folder named Europe, and two folders nested within each other: England and London:
folder Europe
folder Europe/England
folder Europe/England/London
In this example, the folder "Europe" and the sub-folders "England" and "London" are created in the same directory path from where you launched composer.

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