Accessibility features help users with physical disabilities, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use software products successfully. The major accessibility features in this product enable users to do the following:

  • Use assistive technologies, such as screen-reader software and digital speech synthesizer, to hear what is displayed on the screen. Consult the product documentation of the assistive technology for details on using those technologies with this product.
  • Operate specific or equivalent features using only the keyboard.
  • Magnify what is displayed on the screen.

In addition, the product documentation was modified to include features to aid accessibility:

  • All documentation is available in both HTML and convertible PDF formats to give the maximum opportunity for users to apply screen-reader software.
  • All images in the documentation are provided with alternative text so that users with vision impairments can understand the contents of the images.

Navigating the interface using the keyboard

Standard shortcut and accelerator keys are used by the product and are documented by the operating system. Refer to the documentation provided by your operating system for more information.

The Event Rule Editor panel is the only one that does not allow keyboard-only operations and CSS cannot be disabled. However, as an alternative, you can perform all the operations available in this panel by launching the composer command from the command line interface.

Magnifying what is displayed on the screen

You can enlarge information on the product windows using facilities provided by the operating systems on which the product is run. For example, in a Microsoft Windows environment, you can lower the resolution of the screen to enlarge the font sizes of the text on the screen. Refer to the documentation provided by your operating system for more information.