Extending HCL Workload Automation capabilities

You can extend HCL Workload Automation capabilities by integrating with third-party products. This integration allows you to easily start HCL Workload Automation jobs on external products, while using HCL Workload Automation scheduling capabilities. HCL Workload Automation also provides jobs that perform everyday operations, such as file transfer and web services, and utility jobs that automate and simplify operations, such as the job stream submission.

The integration consists of a number of job types with advanced options available with the Dynamic Workload Console and with the composer command.

You can also create custom plug-ins to implement your own job types with advanced options for applications that are not supported by HCL Workload Automation. Before you create a new plug-in, check if the plug-in that you are looking for already exists on Automation Hub. If you do not find what you need, you can access the Workload Automation, Lutist Development Kit through the Automation Hub.

Standard HCL Workload Automation jobs are generic executable files, programs, or commands. You can define jobs to perform specific tasks, such as performing file transfers, and running commands on remote systems where no HCL Workload Automation component is installed, using the job types with advanced options. You can easily define these jobs without having specific skills on the applications on which the job runs.

For more information about defining standard HCL Workload Automation jobs, see Job definition.

Once job definitions have been submitted into the production plan, you still have the opportunity to make one-off changes to the definitions before they run, or after they have run. You can update the definition of a job that has already run and then rerun it. The job definition in the database remains unchanged.

Note: Many of the old plug-ins previously provided with the product, are now out-of-the-box integrations available on Automation Hub. The related documentation has been removed from the product library and has been made available on Automation Hub.

In addition to these job plug-ins, you can find new integrations on Automation Hub that extend your automation processes. New integrations are constantly added to Automation Hub, so make sure to visit it for an up-to-date list of all available integrations.

You can run job types with advanced options only on workstations with dynamic capabilities that is dynamic agents, pools, and dynamic pools. These workstation types use the dynamic functions built into HCL Workload Automation and provide the possibility at run time to dynamically associate your submitted workload (or part of it) to the best available resources. For more information about dynamic scheduling, see Managing dynamic scheduling capabilities in your environment.