Defining variables and passwords for local resolution on dynamic agents

For job types with advanced options you have the possibility to let variables and passwords be defined and resolved locally on the dynamic agents (including pools and dynamic pools).

This is particularly useful in the case of passwords because you are not required to specify them in the job definition. The advantage is that, if the password has to change, you do not modify the job definition, but you change it with the param command locally on the agents (or on the pool agents) that run or may run the job. If the job is to be submitted to a pool or dynamic pool, you can copy the file with the variable definitions to all the agents participating in that pool, so that the variables are resolved locally wherever the job will run.

This feature is not restricted to Windows workstations alone. You can use it also on UNIX, as long as you apply it on job types with advanced options.

To define a variable or a password locally on a dynamic agent, use the param utility command. This command has the power to create, delete, and list local variables in dynamic agents. See the details on this command to learn how to use it.