Monitoring HCL Workload Automation

Using internal and third-party tools to monitor HCL Workload Automation

You have a number of options when it comes to monitoring and managing your environment:
Event management
Using an out-of-the -box solution, which monitors your environment and launches a predefined set of actions in response to events that occur on the nodes where HCL Workload Automation runs. For more information about event management, see Event management.
External tools
Interacting with and monitoring HCL Workload Automation, using third-party tools, for example Prometheus, Splunk, Fluentd, and so on. You can also use AI Data Advisor (AIDA) to detect anomalies and anticipate failure or degradations. For more information about accessing metrics to monitor the state and health of your environment, see Exposing metrics to monitor your workload. For more information about using the BmEvents configuration file to configure the integration with external monitoring tools, see The BmEvents configuration file.