Scheduling Job Integrations with HCL Workload Automation

Version 10.1 Fix Pack 3

Scheduling Job Integrations with HCL Workload Automation provides information about how to set up and use HCL Workload Automation job plug-ins and access methods.
Note: Many of the old plug-ins previously provided with the product, are now out-of-the-box integrations available on Automation Hub. The related documentation has been removed from the product library and has been made available on Automation Hub.

In addition to these job plug-ins, you can find new integrations on Automation Hub that extend your automation processes.

You can use access methods to extend the job scheduling capabilities of HCL Workload Automation to other systems and applications. Access methods run on:
  • Extended agents to extend static scheduling capability.
  • Dynamic agents and HCL Workload Automation Agents to extend dynamic scheduling capability.
For more details about which workstations can run the access methods, see Supported agent workstations.
An access method interacts with the external system through either its command line or the Dynamic Workload Console. HCL Workload Automation includes the following access methods:
Table 1. Access methods
Access Method More information
SAP R/3 (r3batch) Configuring the SAP environment
PeopleSoft (psagent) Access method for PeopleSoft