Use to rename a folder definition in the database. If the folder already exists in the plan, the new folder name is also reflected in the plan. After the change, you must use the new folder name when using listfolder and chfolder commands or when displaying jobs and job streams from the Dynamic Workload Console.


To rename a folder, you must have delete access to the folder with the old name and add access to the folder with the new name.


{renamefolder | rn} previousname newname


Is the previous name of the folder.
Is the new name of the folder.


You can perform this same operation using the rename composer command.

The maximum length for the full folder path (that is, the path name including the parent folder and all nested sub-folders) is 800 characters, while each folder name supports a maximum of 256 characters. When you create a nested folder, the parent folder must be existing.


To rename a folder in the root named "TEST1" to "TEST2", run:
renamefolder /TEST1 /TEST2

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