Creates a new folder definition in the database.


You must have add access if you are creating a new folder. If the folder already exists in the database, you must have modify access to the folder.


{mkfolder | mf} foldername


Specify the folder name offset by forward slashes (/folder/) if you specify an absolute path, and without slashes if you specify a relative path.


You can also create a folder using the new composer command. See new. To create folders in a specific folder, then you can use the chfolder command to navigate to folders and sub-folders. The chfolder command changes the working directory, which is set to root ("/") by default, so that you can use relative folder paths when submitting commands. See chfolder for more information about changing folder paths.

The command opens a predefined template that helps you edit the folder definition and adds it in the database when you save it.

The object templates are located in the templates subfolder in the HCL Workload Automation installation directory. They can be customized to fit your preferences.

The maximum length for the full folder path (that is, the path name including the parent folder and all nested sub-folders) is 800 characters, while each folder name supports a maximum of 256 characters. When you create a nested folder, the parent folder must exist.


To create a new folder named "Tokyo", run:
mkfolder /Tokyo/
To create a new sub-folder named "Tokyo", under an existing folder named "Japan":
mkfolder /Japan/Tokyo
To create a new sub-folder named "Tokyo", under an existing folder named "Japan" using a relative path:
mkfolder Japan/Tokyo

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