job statement

Jobs can be defined in the database independently (as described in Job definition), or as part of job streams. In either case, the changes are made in the database and do not affect the production plan until the start of a new production plan.


To define a job as part of a job stream, use the following syntax inside the job stream definition:

[workstation#]jobname [as newname]
   {scriptname filename | docommandcommand”}
   streamlogon username
   [tasktype tasktype]
   [succoutputcond Condition_Name "Condition_Value"]
   [outputcond Condition_Name "Condition_Value"]

[after [[folder/]workstation#][folder/]jobname]
[abendprompt "text"]]
| continue
[after [[folder/]workstation#][folder/]jobname]
[abendprompt "text"]]

|rerun [same_workstation]
[[repeatevery hhmm]  [for number attempts]]
[after [[folder/]workstation#][folder/]jobname]
| [after [[folder/]workstation#][folder/]jobname]
[abendprompt "text"]}

To use a job already defined in the database in the job stream definition define job statement using the following syntax:

[[folder/]workstation#][folder/]jobname [as newname]


The name you want to use to refer to the job instance within that job stream.

For the other keywords refer to Job definition.


When defining a job as part of a job stream as the job stream definition is added to the database also the new job definition is added and can be referenced, from that moment on, also from other job streams.

Note: Wrongly typed keywords used in job definitions lead to truncated job definitions stored in the database. In fact the wrong keyword is considered extraneous to the job definition and so it is interpreted as the job name of an additional job definition. Usually this misinterpretation causes also a syntax error or an inexistent job definition error for the additional job definition.

When a job stream is added or modified, the attributes or recovery options of its jobs are also added or modified. Remember that when you add or replace a job stream, any job modifications affect all other job streams that use the jobs. Note that the cross reference report, xref, can be used to determine the names of the job streams including a specific job.

For more information about cross reference report refer to xref.

Note: Jobs scheduled to run on workstations marked as ignored, and belonging to job streams scheduled to run on active workstations, are added to the plan even though they are not processed.


The following example defines a job stream with three previously defined jobs:
schedule bkup on fr at 20:00 :
    needs 1 tape
    follows jbk1
The following job stream definition contains job statements that add or modify the definitions of two jobs in the database:
schedule sked4 on mo :
  job1  scriptname “d:\apps\maestro\scripts\jcljob1”
    streamlogon jack
    recovery stop abendprompt “continue production”
  site1#job2  scriptname “d:\apps\maestro\scripts\jcljob2”
    streamlogon jack
    follows job1