statisticstype custom

Flags a job so that its estimated duration is calculated by an AI-based set of algorithms instead of the default logman process (automatic).

The AI-based set of algorithms calculates seven-day forecasts of the job estimated duration using historical data related to the previous 50 job runs. The estimated duration and an associated confidence interval are returned in the output of the conman showjobs command and in the following Dynamic Workload Console views:
  • Job properties
  • Monitor Workload
  • Critical path
  • What-if Analysis

This tool can be particularly useful to see beyond the accepted impacts of already known periodicities, and understand what apparently hidden events affect the duration of a job. It can be effective to measure and forecast the durations of jobs along a critical path that occasionally does not meet its deadline.

See AI Data Advisor (AIDA) User's Guide for more information about predicting job duration using AI-based algorithms in addition to using this keyword.


statisticstype custom

If you omit this keyword, the estimated duration - and its associated confidence interval - for the job is by default calculated by the process run by the logman command and made available on the same media.