The onlate keyword defines the action to be taken on a job in job stream when the job's deadline expires.


onlate action


Specifies the action to be taken on the job when the job's deadline expires. The supported action is kill. If the job is running when the deadline expires, it is killed. Killed jobs end in the ABEND state. Any jobs or job streams that are dependent on a killed job are not released. If the dependency on the job is a conditional dependency on the job completing in ABEND state, that dependency is released.


This keyword applies only to jobs defined in job streams.

If you do not specify an until time for the job and specify a deadline time with an onlate kill action, the until keyword is automatically set to the same time as the deadline keyword. As a result, if the job has not yet started, it is suppressed anyway.

The until keyword is defined only at plan level, therefore it does not modify the job definition.


The following example launches job stream ABSENCES every day and job calc_job to start running at 14:30 and to be completed by 16:00. If the calc_job job does not complete by the 1600 deadline, it is killed and stops running.
schedule ABSENCES on everyday :
    ABSENCES at 1430 deadline 1600 onlate kill