Starting the Project Explorer

  1. Start the Project Explorer from the HCL VersionVault Windows Explorer as follows:
    • Windows. In the left pane of the VersionVault Windows Explorer, click the Toolbox tab, then UCM, and then click Project Explorer.
    • Linux and UNIX. At a system prompt, type clearprojexp to start the Project Explorer.
  2. The left pane of the Project Explorer lists root folders for all PVOBs in the local HCL VersionVault domain. Each PVOB has its own root folder. HCL VersionVault creates the root folder using the name of the PVOB.

    HCL VersionVault also creates a folder called Components. This folder contains entries for each component in the PVOB. Folders can contain projects and other folders. Select the root folder for the PVOB that you want to use for storing project information.

  3. Click File > New > FolderNew > Folder to create a project folder. While it is not necessary to create a project folder, it is a good idea. As the number of projects grows, project folders are helpful in organizing related projects.

Try it!

The Project Explorer may still be running. If not, start it now.

Follow the directions of the platform of interest to you: