Creating an Integration View on Windows

Try it!

  1. In the Project Explorer, navigate to the integration stream:

    your-username_cctut_ucm_pvob > Components > denali_release > denali_release_Integration

  2. Select the denali_release_Integration stream, right-click and select Create View to start the View Creation Wizard.

    The View Creation wizard guides you through two pages of options.

  3. Complete the Review Types of Views page of the wizard as follows:
    1. Verify the option Create an integration view is selected.
    2. Verify the option Dynamic is selected by default.

      HCL VersionVault users: keep these defaults.

    Click Next.

  4. Complete the Choose Name and Drive page of the wizard as follows:
    1. Accept the default view name: your-username_denali_release_int.
    2. Accept the default drive letter. For example: Z
    3. Add a comment: Integration view for denali_release.
    4. Click Advanced Options and verify that the storage location of the integration view is similar to the following:


      If not, click Browse and navigate to the integration view drive.

    5. Verify that the options Use interop text mode and Create shareable derived objects are selected.
    6. Click OK to close the dialog box.
    7. Click Finish.
    8. On the Confirm dialog box, click Details to view the selections you have made, and then click Close to close the View Details dialog box.
    9. The View Creation Status dialog box reports that the creation of the integration view was successful. Click Close to close the dialog box.
  5. HCL VersionVault creates a View tab in the HCL VersionVault Windows Explorer. If the VersionVault Windows Explorer is up and running, you must update your view shortcuts as follows:
    1. In the VersionVault Windows Explorer, and press ALT+F5 (or View > Refresh View Shortcuts).
    2. HCL VersionVault found the new view and created a denali_release shortcut button.
    3. Click the denali_release shortcut button to reveal the integration view to the denali_release integration stream: your-username_denali_release_integration.