Creating a component for storing elements using HCL VersionVault (Linux and UNIX)

To create a VOB and its one component in VersionVault, you must perform the following tasks:

  1. Create a view using the cleartool mkview command.
  2. Set the view using the clearool setview command.
  3. Create a VOB using the cleartool mkvob command.
  4. Create a mount point for the VOB using the mkdir command.
  5. Mount the VOB using the cleartool mount command.
  6. Creating a component using the cleartool mkcomp command.

The exercise guides you in accomplishing these tasks.

Try it!

You are going to create a view named compview, a VOB named /var/tmp/your-username_elements_vob, and associate them with the UCM PVOB /var/tmp/your-username_cctut_ucm_pvob created earlier.

At the system prompt of a terminal window, do the following:

  1. Create a view named compview by typing this command:

    cleartool mkview -tag compview /var/tmp/compview.vws

    The system's response is similar to this:

    Created view.
    Host-local path: stellar:/var/tmp/compview.vws
    Global path: /net/stellar/var/tmp/compview.vws
    It has the following rights:
    User fhembert:  rwx
    Group user:     rwx
    Other:      : r-x 
  2. Set the view to the newly created view by typing this command:

    cleartool setview compview

  3. Create a VOB to store the elements:

    cleartool mkvob -nc -tag /var/tmp/your-username_elements_vob \ /var/tmp/your-username_elements_vob.vbs

  4. Create a mount point for the VOB that matches the VOB's tag:

    mkdir /var/tmp/your-username_elements_vob

  5. Mount the VOB:

    cleartool mount /var/tmp/your-username_elements_vob.

  6. Create a component named tutcomp in the elements VOB and associate it with the UCM PVOB:

    cleartool mkcomp -nc -root /var/tmp/your-username_elements_vob tutcomp@/var/tmp/your-username_cctut_ucm_pvob.

    The -nc option indicates you do not wish to specify a comment.

    The -root option specifies what type of component you are creating. As used in the command you entered, it indicates the root directory of the component is /var/tmp/your-username_elements_vob.

    The system's response is similar to this:

    Set Admin VOB for component "tutcomp"'s VOB
    Created component "tutcomp"