Roadmap for developers

Windows, Linux, UNIX
UCM, base VersionVault
HCL VersionVault

This roadmap identifies the modules of the tutorial that address the needs of developers.

As used in the context of HCL VersionVault, developers are individuals such as software engineers, technical writers, and other content providers who use HCL VersionVault in their daily work environment.

The tutorial roadmap for developers has two tracks:

  • The UCM track identifies the modules to read if your development team is using the UCM process.
  • The base VersionVault track identifies the modules to read if your team is using base VersionVault.

We suggest that you print a copy of this page and use it as a means to keep track of the modules you have completed.

Module UCM Base VersionVault Check when completed
Introduction x x
Documentation and learning resources x x
Workflow in VersionVault projects x x
Working in the HCL VersionVault Windows Explorer x x
Working at the command line x x
Creating VOBs x
Joining a UCM project x
Mounting and unmounting VOBs x x
Working with views x x
Controlling the contents of views x
Checking files in and out x x
Working with baselines x
Working with branches x
Delivering your work x
Merging your work x x
Building software x
Rebasing your private work area x