Creating and Setting UCM Activities (Linux and UNIX)

Before you can create a directory structure and add the elements under HCL VersionVault source control, you need to to create and set a UCM activity.

To accomplish this, you perform the following tasks:

  1. Set your integration view if it is a dynamic view using the cleartool setview command.
  2. Create an activity using the cleartool mkactivity command.

The following sections guide you in creating a UCM activity.

Try it!

  1. The first task is to set your integration view. At the system prompt of a terminal window, type:

    cleartool setview your-username_denali_release_integration

  2. The activity you are going to create is one for creating a directory. To create the activity create_directories, type the following command:

    cleartool mkactivity -headline "Create directories" create_directories

    The system's response is similar to the following:

    Created activity "create_directories" 
    Set activity "create_directories" in view