Creating a component for storing elements using HCL VersionVault (Windows)

Try it!

  1. Start the VOB Creation Wizard:

    Start > Programs > HCL > HCL VersionVault > Administration > Create VOB.

    The Name and Parameters page enables you to enter basic information such as the component's name, a comment to describe the purpose of the component, and whether the VOB you are creating will contain UCM components.

  2. Complete the Name and Parameters page as follows:
    1. Name: your-username_tut_elements_vob
    2. Comment: VOB to store tutorial elements
    3. Select the option This VOB will contain UCM components.
    4. Click Next.

      The Components page opens. On this page, you select the type of VOB and the view in which to perform the operation.

  3. Complete the Components page as follows:
    1. Select the option Create the VOB as a single VOB-level component.
    2. Click Next.

      The next page is the Storage page. On this page you specify where to store the component. You can choose one of the recommended locations or enter the UNC path of a different location. Click Browse to search the network for shared resource locations.

  4. Complete the Storage page as follows:
    1. Verify that the option Use Explicit Path is selected.
    2. Click Browse.
    3. Navigate to the shared folder cc-tut.
    4. Double-click cc-tut.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Verify that the Explicit Path lists a storage path similar to this: \\your-computer\cc-tut\your-username_tut_elements_vob.vbs.
    7. Click Next.

      On the Options page, you identify the PVOB that will store the project information about the component.

  5. Complete the Options page as follows:
    1. From the list, select the UCM PVOB you created earlier: your-username_cctut_ucm_pvob.
    2. Click Finish.
  6. Click OK in the Confirmation message box.
  7. Click Close in the Summary message box.

    VersionVault creates the component with an initial baseline that points to the \main\0 version of the component's root directory.