To compare any two files (Windows)

About this task

If you are working on a Windows system, to compare any two files, you can use the Diff Merge or XML Diff Merge utility from a Send To menu.


  1. Create a shortcut in your SendTo folder by performing the following procedure:
    1. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the SendTo folder, right-click in the details pane and click New > Shortcut.
    2. In the Create Shortcut window, enter cleardiffmrg.exe or xmldiffmrg.exe in the Type the location of the item field, and click Next. No path is necessary.
    3. In the Select a Title for the Program window, enter cleardiffmrg, xmldiffmrg, or whatever text you want to use to identify the function, and click Finish.
    4. Stop and restart HCL VersionVault Windows Explorer.
  2. After you create the entry on your Send To menu, perform the following tasks:
    1. In VersionVault Windows Explorer (or any application with a Send To menu), right-click the first file to be compared and click Send To > cleardiffmrg or xmldiffmrg.
    2. In the Open a Second File to Compare with window, navigate to the second file and click Open.