To resolve checkout problems

About this task

You can encounter problems when attempting to check out an element. The table below suggests ways to resolve common problems.

Table 1. Resolution of checkout problems
Problem Likely cause Suggested resolution
Snapshot view is out of date You are checking out a nonexplicit version, and the snapshot view is not up-to-date with the VOB. If the element being checked out were updated, a different version would be loaded. Update the element and then check out the updated version.
Target branch is already reserved Another view holds a reserved checkout of the target branch. Check out the branch as unreserved.
Non-LATEST version selected You are checking out a nonexplicit version, the config spec selects a version that is not the LATEST on the branch, and there is no mkbranch rule. This can occur because a label or a time rule selects elements. Check out the LATEST version.
File is hijacked and does not correspond to the selected version The file is in the hijacked/nocheckout state or the checkout explicitly specifies a different version. Check out the hijacked file; or merge the hijacked version and the selected version, and use the merge result as the checkout data.
A mkbranch rule in the view config spec fails and automatic branch creation fails The branch exists. The config spec does not select the branch before specifying that the branch should be created (as it should). Or, for a dynamic view, a time rule prevents it from seeing the branch. Or, for a snapshot view, the branch was created after the view was lasted updated. Check out the LATEST version on the branch; for an out-of-date snapshot view, this means an update of the element followed by a checkout of LATEST.