About creating elements in replicated VOBs

By default, when you create an element in a replicated VOB, mkelem and mkdir assign mastership of the main branch of the element to the VOB replica that masters the branch type main. If this replica is not your current replica, you cannot create versions on the main branch. (You can create versions on other branches if they are mastered by the current replica.)

To assign mastership of the main branch of a new element to the current replica, use the -master option. The -master option also allows auto-make-branch during element creation, even if the branch type specified in your config spec is not mastered by the current replica. In this case, mkelem or mkdir assigns mastership of newly created branches to the current replica. For example, suppose your view has the following config spec:

element * CHECKEDOUT 
element * .../gms_dev/LATEST 
element * /main/0 -mkbranch gms_dev 

When you create a new element with mkelem -master or mkdir -master and do not use the -nco option, the command creates the branches main and gms_dev and assigns their mastership to the current replica.

Tip: If you use the -nco option with -master, only the main branch is mastered by the current replica, because it is the only branch created by mkelem or mkdir.