cleartool command-line interface

The cleartool command is the command-line interface (CLI) to perform HCL VersionVault operations. It has a set of subcommands, which create, modify, and manage the information in VOBs and views.

You can use cleartool in either single-command mode or interactive mode. To use a single cleartool subcommand from a shell, use this syntax:

cleartool subcommand [ options-and-args ]

When entering a series of subcommands, you may find it more convenient to type cleartool without any arguments. This places you at the interactive-mode prompt:


You can then issue any number of commands, ending with quit to return to the original shell. The cleartool commands can be continued on additional lines.

  • On Linux® and the UNIX® system, use the backslash character (\), as with supported shells.
  • On the Windows® system, use the circumflex character (^). The system prompts with More? and waits further input.

Command options can be in any order, but all options must precede any nonoption arguments (typically, names of files, versions, and branches).

For more information, see the cleartool reference page in the VersionVault Command Reference. For information about input and output for cleartool commands, see pathnames_ccase and fmt_ccase in the VersionVault Command Reference.