To add files and directories to an existing directory tree (Windows)

About this task

To add files and directories to source control in an existing directory tree, complete the following steps:


  1. In HCL VersionVault Windows Explorer, access the view you use for your development task.
  2. Navigate to the parent directory to which you want to add the files or directories.
  3. If the files or directories are not present, drag them to the parent directory.
  4. Select the files and directories you want to add to source control.

    If you specify a comment, upon checkin, the software adds the comment to all of the elements you selected.

    If you specify a comment and do not select the parent directory in the list of elements to add to source control, the software uses the default HCL VersionVault comment for the parent directory. If you specify a comment and do select the parent directory, the software uses that comment for the parent directory.

  5. Right-click one of the selected objects and click Add to Source Control.

    Select items that are the farthest from the root of the directory tree: the Add to Source Control command for any given file or directory also adds any parent directories (up to the VOB root directory) that are not already elements.

    The Add to Source Control window opens, with the currently set activity selected in the Activity list.

  6. To set a different activity (or, if you have not set the view to an activity), perform the following tasks:
    1. Select an activity from the Activity list. To filter the list, click Browse.
    2. If an appropriate activity does not exist, create and set a new one by clicking New. The activity is changed to an Active state type, and the version that you check out is added to the activity change set.
  7. Click OK.