To compare with a version other than the predecessor

About this task

To compare an element version with a version other than the predecessor, follow one of these procedures:
  • Use the command line:
    1. Use cleartool lsvtree to list element versions.
    2. Use the cleartool diff command with a version-extended path. For example, to compare the current version of prog.c with version 4:
      cleartool diff prog.c prog.c@@\main\4

      You can use the lsvtree and diff commands from a snapshot view whether or not the element specified by path is loaded into the view. For more information, see the diff and pathnames_ccase reference pages in the VersionVault Command Reference.

  • On the UNIX system or Linux, use the Version Tree Browser:
    1. In a shell, enter this command:
      cleartool lsvtree -graphical path
    2. In the Version Tree Browser, select a version.
    3. Click Version > Diff > Selected vs. Other.
    4. In the Enter other versions window, select other versions and click OK.
  • On Windows systems, use the Version Tree Browser:
    1. In HCL VersionVault Windows Explorer, right-click a file and click Version Tree.
    2. In the Version Tree Browser, right-click a version and click Compare > with Another Version. The cursor changes to a circular icon with a diagonal line:
    3. Move the icon over the second version. The icon changes to a target:
    4. Click the version over which the target icon is displayed.