Setting your project options

Contains links for users to customize Unica Plan to view and receive information that is important to them.

User Personalization section

To set your project options, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Settings > Plan settings > Project options.

    The Project options page appears.

  2. In the Default list field, select the default Project list that you want to appear when you open the project list page.

    By default, the Active projects and requests view appears in this field; the result is that Unica Plan displays only your active projects and request when you select Operations > Projects.

    If you have any saved searches, this list also includes that information.

In 12.1.7, we introduced a new section called Default displayed project columns. After selecting the Default list and and the Default list view, you can set the default columns that will appear for the selected Default list view.

Example: If you want only Owner, My role, Target start, Target end, and Status columns to be default list view for Project list, retain only the required columns in Selected columns and put the unwanted columns to Available columns. Click Save changes to save the default list view.