Setting your basic settings

Use the basic settings option to choose the security policy that is used by default when you create items.

About this task

To set the security policy, complete the following steps.


  1. Select Settings > Unica Plan Settings.

    The Administrative Settings page opens.

  2. Click Basic Settings.

    The Basic Settings page opens.

  3. In the Default Security Policy field, select the security policy to use by default when you create items in Unica Plan.

    You can leave Global selected, which is the default, to use the global security policy that is defined by your administrator. Otherwise, you can select a security policy that your administrator instructed you to select. As a best practice, do not change the security policy without the guidance of your administrator. For more information about security policies, contact your administrator or see the Unica Plan Administrator's Guide.

  4. Click Save Changes to save your changes.