Setting your tasks options

About this task

Your tasks options allow you to customize Unica Plan so you view and receive task information. For example, you can specify the list of tasks that appears by default when you open the Tasks page.


  1. Select Settings > Unica Plan settings > Tasks Options.

    The Task Options page opens.

  2. For the Default List, select the default Task List view that you want to appear when you open the Tasks list page.

    By default, the My Tasks view appears in this field, so Unica Plan displays only tasks currently awaiting your action when you click Operations > Tasks.

    This list also includes saved searches.

  3. For the Default List View, select the default list view mode that you want to appear when you open the Tasks page. You can display tasks in a list view (the default) or a calendar view.
  4. Click Save Changes to save your changes, Revert to Saved to discard the changes you made since the last time you saved changes, or Cancel to exit.